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Neoliberal Governance and Academic Practice: Teaching and Learning, Resistance, and Radical Possibility

With the ascension of the global knowledge economy backed by an increasingly privatization-oriented state, public higher education has become ever more thoroughly implicated as a site of neoliberal governance. This special, day-long symposium engages with the university as both an institution shaped by neoliberal ideology and as a location where liberatory praxis might be imagined and carried out.

New forms of surveillance and control, including the proliferation of auditing technologies and corporate management models are paving the way for market imperatives that expedite the production of neoliberal subjectivities among administration, faculty, staff and students. At the same time, public disinvestment has been met with increasing costs for students and families—leading to crushing student debt and structuring access to higher education along class and race lines—as well as the influx of corporate monies and public-private partnerships. The university is now assembled to not only reproduce social inequality, but also as a site of economic production itself. In this formation, what is the nature of teaching and learning? How is teaching and learning determined, constrained, and reconfigured? What forms of resistance and radical visions are now possible?

Sessions and workshops in this symposium will engage with the problematic of neoliberal governance at the university. Possible areas of exploration might include: Critical and Engaged Pedagogy as a Means of Resistance, The Intersection of Social Movements and Academic Practice, Marxism and Class Politics at the University and Alter-hegemonic Possibilities for New Imaginings and Practices in Teaching and Learning.